3 Steps to Jumpstart Your Year with a Bold Risk

Erica W. Jamieson
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What if the notion of getting unstuck is simply overwhelming? I asked Libby Gill, CEO of the business coaching and brand strategy firm Libby Gill & Company for some steps on how to get started.  Libby provided the following exercise to. . .

Jumpstart Your Year with a Bold Risk

Sometimes we need a little help getting unstuck. Here’s a simple exercise to get you out of your comfort zone and into the world in a bigger, bolder, way. Why not try it now?

  1. Think of some positive risks that sound appealing or enriching. Include different types of risks representing physical, social and intellectual events or activities. For example, physical risks might be rock-climbing, surfing or skydiving. Social risks include taking a dance class, throwing a party, or attending a singles event. Intellectual risk-taking might entail enrolling in a foreign language or academic class, joining Toastmasters, or submitting an article to your local paper or alumni newsletter.
  2. If fear is holding you back – and isn’t that what always holds us back? – ask yourself these challenge questions. What’s the worst that could happen? How likely is that worst-case scenario? How well could you handle it? If you’re afraid someone will laugh at you on the dance floor, it may be somewhat likely, but will it really matter? Probably not. Say you’re considering skydiving, but you’re scared. Death is definitely a fate worse than someone laughing at your foxtrot, but it’s not very likely. The odds that you’ll die while skydiving are actually pretty slim – 27 people die each year out of 3.2 million dives. Can you handle that?
  3. Finally, add some accountability factors. When, where, and with whom will you commit to taking this risk? Get some leverage on yourself by sharing your idea with others, assigning a penalty if you don’t follow through, or documenting your activity in photos or on social media. Now, put it on your calendar and make it happen!
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