FIFTINESS is an indispensable blueprint inspiring woman over fifty to engage in a fit life far beyond exercise and diet. We are Fearless Women, telling Fearless Stories so that we can feel the power of that “Me Too” moment in shared experiences!

What does it mean to be a fit woman over fifty today? We are the strongest, most health-conscious generation to hit our fifties since Jack Lalanne first inspired our mothers to leotards, leg lifts, and squats! And yet there is still so much stigma that accompanies reaching this milestone. At Fiftiness, we say Ha! to stigma. Our goal at Fiftiness is to inspire women to celebrate being in the midst of living; to say it’s not only okay but it’s liberating and oh, so good, to be our age!

But it’s more than just how the world sees us. It’s how we see ourselves, what challenges we’re willing to take on during this gateway decade. Think of Fiftiness as a revolutionizing digital gathering of women, a personal shakedown of what it means to be in your fifties! Provocative and refreshing, seriously funny at times. Through stories that teach, question, make us laugh and cry, Fiftiness is the place to go to learn about women in their fifties seeking new avenues of productivity and vibrancy, and to see how their stories can shape your own.

The Team

Erica W. Jamieson, co-founder & Editor-at-Large, is a late-blooming fitness enthusiast who conjured up the notion for Fiftiness.com during a long walk after a meeting with a career coach. Finding that feeling fit and healthy helped her say yes to more daily adventures and made her realize that being fit in her fifties was more a way to look at life than it was hours spent in a gym. Erica is a writer and retired lawyer exuberantly surprised to find herself starting a business after the age of fifty, and feels that perhaps every choice she’s made so far has been leading to this one moment. With both her kids at college this year, she is looking forward to the partly empty nest that is raising adults today. Her goal in creating Fiftiness is to bring women together for status-quo-busting conversation, and to create adventures, whether in living, loving or working!

Jill Stern, co-founder, built a private label costume jewelry company. When the kiddies came along, Jill took a partial work hiatus. During that period she successfully brought to market quirky products like the flat vase, pot brownie mix, and instant dry manicures. Now as a newbie empty nester, she’s fearlessly looking to find her inner businesswoman once again.

Michelle Cox was an original contributor to Fiftiness and brought her unique talents in PR to help launch Fiftiness on social media. MIchelle is currently off writing her first novel. Fearless on the page!

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Disclaimer & other legal things

We at Fiftiness bring our expertise as women who are approaching or have reached that milestone of turning fifty and as such make no warranties for any recommendations, body or mind, that may be included on this website. Please consult doctors or other health care providers to pursue any remedies that might be listed as having worked for one of our contributors. We are sharing our stories and hope that it inspires all readers to live life loudly and seek out opportunities and remedies, with the proper blessing from the appropriate professionals and/or loved ones.

In addition, all work appearing herein is original unless otherwise noted. Many of the essays have appeared first on the contributor’s personal blog and we encourage all our readers to click on to any links, read more and follow all of our contributors.