Best of Intentions: An Artful Workshop for enVision Boards!

Erica W. Jamieson
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The best of intentions (alone) don’t get you into shape or get you that new job you so want!

So, I asked how do you take an intention for the new year and turn it into an action plan for success. The answer was in creating enVision Boards. A three-dimensional embodiment of not just your desires for a new year new you, but also the road map to turning those intentions into action.

Creating Community

On January 12, I brought a group of women together for an afternoon of creating vision boards in 3D with the help of Amy Phillips from Girl Empowerment LA. Amy brought her suitcases of found objects and wonderful papers from which to build our enVision Boards. We were guests in the creative space of Writers Blok, a hub for writers in Los Angeles. I brought blank journals, pens and coffee cake!craft intentions

Traditional vision board crafting relies heavily on the notions of manifestation; a build it and they will come form of belief. The idea is that by concentrating on and creating a visual that corresponds to your intentions (hopes, desires for change) those changes will manifest them in your life.

I’m not a disbeliever. I’m just too much of a control freak to leave it there.

Envisioning a different kind of enVision Board: Write it Out!

When I did my first vision board event with Amy, she brought a short writing piece to it, very optional. I’m pretty sure I’m the only woman in the room who wrote beforehand. With my enVision Board complete, I went home to see the work we did together actually manifest, over the course of a few weeks, into real change. For me, I felt it was the steps taken before the cutting and pasting that acted as a roadmap to turning intention into action. I can always find my way on the pages of my journal and the work writing before creating the board was indelibly beneficial. Read my earlier article here on the power of an enVision Board to turn me from a skeptic to a believer!

Amy and I worked together to create our first ever Artful Workshop. We elaborated on Amy’s original thought-provoking questions and turned them into forty minutes of a group writing activity. We began with this directed writing piece. I started with personal anecdotes to illustrate a particular writing prompt, then gave the group three minutes on each prompt. We began with list making, wrote through what we might need to turn something from our list into reality, and ended with a letter to ourselves offering up permission to succeed.

Sometimes writing can feel like an overwhelming prospect. Writing together, with a little direction, makes the going easier.

Amy led us through the power that can be found in visualizing change. And then we crafted!

The afternoon went by far too quickly, much of it spent in laughter and in conversation. We created a community of change-seekers in 3d!

Take a look!


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