A Daughter’s Wine-Klatch & Memories of Moms

Elizabeth Thomas

Imagine dinner with the daughters of your mom’s BFFs!  Oh yeah!!  We have seen each other randomly over the years, but never all together and never with the wine flowing. Is there such a thing as a wine-klatch?

We met in our old neighborhood, where one of the daughters bought the home she grew up in. After several bracing hugs and some out-of-this-world garlic bread, we filled our glasses and took a walk to the local park we all still dream about.

On the way, we stopped to take photos in front of each other’s old homes, which for some reason attracted the attention of neighbors who got a kick out of our pilgrimage story.

Once inside the rusty fence of the park, we all spilled (no, not wine) memories – most sweet and some not-so. Deb and I recalled playing with matches and almost burning the park down, if not for my older brother.

It was comfortable listening as many of my own childhood memories were recalled by the others – braiding lanyards, falling in love each summer with the lifeguards, diving for seats on the flaming orange merry-go-round (in my dreams it never stops spinning), almost drowning in the deep end of the pool, lemonade stands under the shade of the weeping willow tree.  And yes, the hill we used to sled down is definitely smaller than it used to be.

Eventually, we headed back for a delicious pasta dinner, more bread, pass the wine.  Our stories wove back and forth across the table – our Mom’s best meals, the weird neighbors down the street, do you think your mother ever used a vibrator.  Okay, yes, at that point we had toasted our moms more than once and the wine was mostly gone.  Coffee had been poured and three different desserts were being shared around the table.

There were tears, but mostly laughter and a sense of continuity I had not felt in a long time.  I like to think there is a scarred and well-used kitchen table in Heaven (or Happy Happy Land, as my mother used to call it) and our moms were sitting around it that night – coffee in hand – laughing along with us.  Cheers!

PS … One of our moms is still with us.  I think dinner is at her house next time!


About Elizabeth Thomas

Elizabeth Thomas is a published writer, performer and educator. The author of two poetry collections and a book on writing, she has read her work throughout the United States and in 2009 taught ‘Poetry as Theater’ in the United Arab Emirates. Much of her energy and time is devoted to designing and teaching writing programs for all ages to promote literacy and the power of written and spoken word. As an outstanding advocate for youth in the arts, Elizabeth Thomas is a coach and organizer with Brave New Voices: International Youth Poetry Slam and Festival.

12 thoughts on “A Daughter’s Wine-Klatch & Memories of Moms”

  1. Jackie says:

    Just as you said it would be. Beautifully written.. to have such memories and friends to relive the youthful times.

    1. Thanks, Jackie! It was a beautiful evening.

  2. Nancy H says:

    How much fun was that! Reminds me of my mom’s sorority(high school ) girlfriends. The twelve of them met Tuesday nite for many years after graduation, to share their lives, kids , recipes and always have food, drinks and desserts. When they were younger, they played board games and cards. As they aged they were mostly together to keep old memories alive and discuss the kids! Five of them at age 86 , attended mom’s funeral. Three are still living and most likely, having drinks and discussing their kids! Thank you for sharing your story and reminding me of mine.

    1. I loved having the chance to meet your mom! I still have photos of her dancing under the house. Thanks for reading…xo

  3. Brian says:

    Hi Elizabeth, loved it as usual. Hope to see you soon.

    1. Thanks for reading, Brian!

  4. Reggie Marra says:

    Hey, E.T., clear, concise and wonderful as usual (sounds like a teacher’s comments at the start there). Let’s hear it for scarred and well-used kitchen tables in Heaven, or anywhere. Thanks for this.

    1. Thank you, Reggie, for taking the time to read it. And those kitchen tables better NOT having matching chairs!

  5. Marisa says:

    What a great way to celebrate fond memories of childhood and what our parents gave us!

    1. Elizabeth Thomas says:

      Marisa…thanks for reading!

  6. Claire says:

    What a beautiful piece about a beautiful reunion and tribute to the Moms!!! Some friends of mine broached the subject of a get-together at one of our old neighborhood haunts — the beach — this summer…and I hope we can do it! Ours will also include libations! I love your idea of the walk through the neighborhood and photographing our houses! Thanks, E, for your words, as always… ❤️

    1. Thanks, Claire! Yes, do it! What was so interesting was how our memories kept overlapping. It made the evening that much more special…xo

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