Get out and DO something!
Fearless Flying!

On April 23, 2017 we launched our first event in celebration of Fiftiness at the Aerial Warehouse in Culver City. We called it Fearless Flying and we invited women to give themselves permission to fly! It was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon in real time off the page of Fiftiness. After introducing Fiftiness, and hearing from our speakers, Lisa TaitelmanLibby Gill, and Nell Stephenson, we all lifted off on silk ropes, or the trampoline or the obstacle course. Thank you to all the fearless woman who showed up and filled the event with courage and laughter! What a great reminder of how it feels to step out of our comfort zones and take a risk!

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Urban Hiking!

November, 2016 was our First Fiftiness Urban Hike Challenge. At Fiftiness we are all about getting out and enjoying the freedom and experience that comes with being over fifty. In November, we were all about challenging our Fiftiness community to take it off the trail and get to know your city. And about eating! Urban hikes always involve not just seeing your city but stopping to enjoy what it has to offer. Take a look at our photos from our November Urban Hike, West Los Angeles to Hollywood. On foot.

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