Fearless Flying With Courage And Laughter (Watch)

Erica W. Jamieson
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Fearless Flying brought a group of women together to celebrate the launch of Fiftiness! Behind the screen at Fiftiness, we always knew that we wanted to get off the page and gather women in a room together, doing something. There is magic that occurs when we are in action, talking, laughing, and most importantly, learning from each other and with each other. And so we did that! On April 23, 2017 we “launched” ourselves into the air (on silk ropes and the trampoline.)

We created our tagline: /fiftēnəs/ noun, the quality of women living a fearless life after fifty – believing that living well and full after fifty required a little fearlessness. Fearless Flying required us to step outside of our comfort zone and do something out of the ordinary. We went to the Aerial Warehouse in Culver City, California. We invited amazing women to bring their experience and expertise about the next phase of life, the after 50 phase.

I kicked off the speaker portion by introducing the concept of this new normal.  I feel strongly that we are not so much disrupting aging or redefining anything. We are just a new normal of what fifty looks like, what fifty does, and that includes the decades following!

Lisa Taitelman spoke about giving ourselves permission. Libby Gill inspired us with her story of what 50 looked like in her life: divorce, getting fit, and starting her own, very successful executive coaching and consulting firm. Nell Stephenson prepared all the food, Paleo style, and introduced the group to the healthy and amazing skincare line, Beautycounter.

And then we filled the room with courage and laughter as we took to the air!

Thank you to all the fearless flyers, for showing up, for being brave, for trying something totally new! Check out our Do page to see more photos.


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Born in New York, raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Erica Jamieson now lives in Los Angeles. She is stretching into the open spaces created by her two kids off at college, enjoying clean kitchen counters, far less laundry and the perks of empty nesting with her husband of almost three decades. Erica is a fitness enthusiast (evening walks over Xanax) Loves words, coffee and her family. Not always in that order.

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