3 Tips To Get A Handle On Sugar Cravings

Lisa Taitelman
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Who hasn’t found themselves in front of the fridge, pantry or the pastry cabinet of their favorite coffee shop feeling overwhelmed and defeated by insanely strong sugar cravings? Here’s three tips to help when sugar seems to be calling your name…

#1: Check your Beverages!

Sounds crazy, but sometimes sweet cravings are a sign of dehydration. So pound a glass of water, wait 5 minutes and then see if you still have the craving.

Also, too much caffeine mimics a blood sugar crash – you’re high for a bit but then you come crashing down and crave…Sugar, of course!

#2 Satisfy That Sweet Tooth of Yours with Sweet Veggies, Fruits & Spices!

Your tongue has sweet taste buds that demand to be satisfied, so don’t hold out on ’em! Add naturally sweet foods & spices to your diet like squash, yams, carrots, beets, berries, figs, apples, cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg and cloves.

#3 Move Yo’self!

Movement is another kind of food for your body. It releases stress, makes you feel & look great. When you don’t get enough, the body starts to look for other ways to blow off steam, like binging on Snickers bars! So move it before you reach for something sweet!

So much of understanding our sugar cravings begins with tuning in and listening to our body. It’s a near herculean task to give up sugar completely. The challenge is in listening to your body’s needs and finding that perfect balance for good health and fitness.







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