I DON’T FLOSS! poetry by Julie Grass

Erica W. Jamieson

Still Celebrating National Poetry Month

Oh, how we love our pets! What better way to express their unconditional love of us than through poetry! I give you . . .


I Don’t Floss

I don’t floss,

I pee in the shower and

last night

I ate an entire gallon of slow churned,

chocolate fudge chip

ice cream.


I lied to my therapist,

told her I couldn’t see her today

because I have a dentist appointment,

but I don’t.


this morning I stapled the hem of my jeans,

still have on yesterday’s underpants

and I lost another library book.


On a blanket

on the grass

in the backyard,

we roll over onto our backs

like synchronized swimmers

and just look at each other


You know, if you were a person

instead of a Maltipoo,

we wouldn’t be nearly this close.


A little bit about our Poet: Julie Grass has six brightly painted mannequin feet walking across her kitchen ceiling and she has a gorilla suit in her front closet. She eats popcorn and blueberries with chopsticks and has published poems in several literary journals including Northwest Review, PoemMemoirStory, 88, Hawaii’s Review, Eureka Literary Magazine, and Plainsongs.


About Erica W. Jamieson

Born in New York, raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Erica Jamieson now lives in Los Angeles. She is stretching into the open spaces created by her two kids off at college, enjoying clean kitchen counters, far less laundry and the perks of empty nesting with her husband of almost three decades. Erica is a fitness enthusiast (evening walks over Xanax) Loves words, coffee and her family. Not always in that order.

3 thoughts on “I DON’T FLOSS! poetry by Julie Grass”

  1. Beatrice Felix says:

    A signature flash of brilliance from Julie – who unflinchingly confesses to all that we do, but won’t cop to. As usual, she made me howl. Can’t wait to read more!

    1. I know, isn’t that great? All of our secrets unveiled and yet we are all still lovable! At least to our pets…

  2. This woman is so lovable it isn’t funny! Her poetry is filled with irreverent humor that expresses all the things we think or do but never say or admit and I love it!

    More more more from her, please!!

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