Why I Am the Least Likely to Podcast About Sex Over Fifty

Laura Lyster Mensh

“Being interested in the topic of sex,” says Laura Lyster Mensh, “at my age, is neither sleazy nor pathetic. It’s a little bit heroic!” In Laura’s first podcast for Fiftiness she talks about the joy of talking about sex in her fifties!

At Fiftiness, we’ve found that so many women wanted to talk about what’s going on with them sexually. We were thrilled to find Laura Lyster Mensh and her OurBetterHalf.net program. With humor and depth she takes on the topic of sex after the big 5-Oh!


About Laura Lyster Mensh

Laura Collins Lyster-Mensh is an award-winning American activist and writer living in Virginia. A podcaster and international speaker, Lyster-Mensh's books, essays, blogs, poems, and public speaking bring her infamy in some circles, praise in others, and an international readership. She is the founder of the podcast, Our Better Half, bringing humor and poignancy to stories about midlife.

Laura has been active in eating disorders advocacy for many years. She's helped found three organizations in the field, written books on the topic, organized events, and been invited to speak to audiences around the world with her message of optimism for full recovery, family support around patients, and the importance of starting with the science when it comes to treatment.

Laura continues her mission with Circum Mensam LLC. She serves as a trusted advisor for clinics and treatment providers and offers her deep knowledge of the field from a parent perspective to educational and advocacy organizations. You can read more about Laura on her website where she encourages you to reach out and start a conversation.

3 thoughts on “Why I Am the Least Likely to Podcast About Sex Over Fifty”

  1. Debra says:

    My husband mentioned tonight how I’m postmenopausal and no longer interested in sex. HA! What does he know?! A little romance and sweet talk goes a long way..

    1. Laura says:

      Agreed! The way to a woman’s affections is rarely through her zipper!!

  2. lisa delong says:

    Well said! Enjoyed your take on having a “ball”! At 55 I finally have time to care about sex. Raising a family can zap any zipper activity but now whoopee!

    Thanks for a light hearted, fun post!

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