Her 50s Involve a New Career and a New Body

Dana Rahe

Sometimes the best gift you give yourself is accepting a bit of help. Dana Rahe reshaped her 50’s by hiring a personal trainer. . .


Something clicked as I was approaching 50. In large part, it was the encouragement of my family, but also, it was just time – time for me to get healthy.

I had been overweight ever since the birth of my second son (1995) and was steadily getting heavier and heavier. I had tried Weight Watchers many times – lost the weight only to put it right back on again. We even had a treadmill in the basement that was hardly used. My health was not good and the doctor had even put me on blood pressure medication. Cholesterol was high and those rotten triglyceride numbers were off the chart! I have always been an emotional eater and can binge eat like a pro.  It often scared me when I became winded when walking up the stairs in our home. Needless to say, I was always thinking of a way to get myself healthy again and thought that maybe an elliptical would be the magic trick.

I am not afraid of change and had just taken a huge leap in 2010 when I went back to school (after a 23 year break) to start a new career .

So when my family decided not to give me the Christmas gift I was asking for (an elliptical machine), they suggested something even better.  When they presented me with the idea of a personal trainer, I was elated and started right away. This was a big step for me and I knew that if I didn’t agree to it right away, I would change my mind. So on December 2, 2013, my life-changing journey with Sharon Bouse of Lifetime Fitness in Chesterfield, Missouri started.

Honestly, my family couldn’t have picked a better person for my trainer!   I had an instant bond with this amazing woman and was crying within the first 10 minutes of our initial conversation. Here was a woman my age who was healthy, fit, beautiful and sincere. She looked me right in the eyes and said she would be there for me every step of the way and that she had faith in me. She was impressed with my family (whom she had met earlier that day) and knew in her heart that this was meant to be.

Not only is Sharon my trainer, she is also my motivator, my confidant, my inspiration and my friend. During my continuous journey, I have stumbled and fallen many times. I had a shoulder injury that required physical therapy, some weight gains, many plateaus and lots of tears. However, these road- blocks are temporary as I continually pick myself up and keep pushing forward. I am always looking for the positives in life, no matter how small they are, and I use them to motivate me.  For example, my holiday weight gain was much smaller this year then it was last year. Yes – I did gain a few pounds but it’s always a “work in progress” for me and I was much more successful this season then last.

When I started my lifestyle change, I weight 216 pounds and have lost 64 pounds so far (about 2 ½ years to complete)!  I am happy with the length of time that the weight loss took because it has helped my body adjust to the changes. For example, the slow weight loss has allowed my skin to shrink back some. I still have some saggy and baggy areas but it is nothing that deters me from continuing, This process is an ongoing event and something that I will be working on for the rest of my life.

Being over 50 does not bother me when I feel and look this good. After taking on two major changes as an older adult (going back to school and starting my lifestyle change), I feel like there isn’t anything in this world that I cannot handle. Sometimes I second guess my thoughts but I am blessed with a wonderful family and friends who continually support and motivate me. Last May, I started running for the first time in my life and have now completed two 5k races! I have come to realize that I am strong, confident and can do anything that I set my mind to! The number of weight lost is a success, but even better is that I FEEL successful!


About Dana Rahe

Dana Rahe is a wife, mother and avid reader. It was her love of reading that helped Dana make the decision to return back to the classroom and earn her Master of Arts in teaching with a Library Media Certification. Currently she is a library assistant in the Rockwood School District and is celebrating 10 years of service where she shares her love of reading and helping each student realize their potential. Dana lives in St Louis, MO with her husband and has 2 adult children (ages 27 and 21).

2 thoughts on “Her 50s Involve a New Career and a New Body”

  1. Hi Dana – I so wanted to thank you for writing about your transformation. I know what a journey it is to not only go back to school but to also shift everything in your life to a more healthy lifestyle. I also wonder if going back to school wasn’t that “just one thing” we talk about having a Butterfly Effect. Small steps, going slow. It’s the best way to effect real change. I would say you look Fabulous (which you do!) but more importantly, I know that you feel fabulous! And I’m sure your family is in awe of you! Kudos to you!

  2. Beth Paskoff says:

    I’m so proud of my good friend, Dana, for her lifestyle change after 50. She has motivated me to start running and now I have completed my first 5K and have signed up for 2 more! I haven’t transformed my weight or body, but I feel so much better and have so much more energy! Thank you, Dana, for your freiebdship and your motivation! Love you!!

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