Retire? Not I Laughed the Woman Over 60!

Erica W. Jamieson
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We love a good story about women changing the narrative of life after fifty. When I first started thinking about starting this website, Fiftiness, I wasn’t sure I had it in me at the age of 53 to start something new and make it come to life. I spoke to an octogenarian friend of mine, a leader in the field of child psychiatry and autism research, about my concerns and fears. Without missing a beat, he encouraged me with his words: why doubt yourself? You have a good thirty years of contribution ahead of you, why not have fun with it!

Apparently, he was already noticing the trend of shunning retirement, not just for work’s sake, but because working keeps you laughing, keeps you healthy!

The New York Times on Saturday, February 11, 2017, published a story looking at women in the work force well into their 60’s and 70’s.  For us, the editors at Fiftiness, what rings so true and important is that many of these women rejecting retirement are doing it because they’re having too much fun! This article and the research on which it was based “adds a bright chapter to the narrative of women’s progress in the world of work.”

Not only are women who enjoy their career and find their identity through work staying in the work force longer, but many are going back to school and finding second careers simply because staying home wasn’t a fulfilling option. Mentioned in the article is Lee Ann Monfredini, 68. She went into real estate after a long career in nonprofit consulting. She just wasn’t that good at “the retirement thing” and loves her commission checks!

Read more here about the changing face of women in work and how our story just keeps getting better!

More Women in their 60s and 70s Are having ‘Wy Too Much Fun’ to Retire, by Claire Cain Miller, New York Times, 2/11/17



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