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 An Athlete (temporarily) interrupted by injuries and illness, I roared back at 50 with my first sprint triathlon Three strokes, inhale on the left, three strokes, inhale on the right. That’s my normal swimming pattern, but I’m not in the pool anymore. Each time I come up for air saltwater fills my nostrils, threatening to sink …

Motivation Flagging?

Motivation Flagging? It’s Time for You to Fall in Love with Fitness When you are motivated, you make a million fitness goals. You buy new workout clothes, you join a gym, you plan to go to a spinning class or learn how the free weights can work for you. You are ready! But, it usually …

Invest In Yourself With A Good Lunch!

Erica W. Jamieson
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Invest in yourself with a good lunch

Invest in Yourself with time for exercise & for healthy eating because you are worth it! Everything involves an investment. For lunch today I had a herb crusted halibut taco (mixed grain tortilla) topped with feta cheese and Mexican spiced cabbage slaw. It was an assembly lunch made from leftovers. It took about ten minutes to …