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enVision Board friends

The best of intentions (alone) don’t get you into shape or get you that new job you so want! So, I asked how do you take an intention for the new year and turn it into an action plan for success. The answer was in creating enVision Boards. A three-dimensional embodiment of not just your …

Hen Lit

When did I stop writing about the angst of torrid love, motherhood, wandering husbands, and terrible bosses? About the time, probably, that I got bored with the angst and became a hen. The transition was subtle in me and in my writing. It’s not that I didn’t still pay attention to love, children, and work. …

Why I Love Bike Commuting in Boston

Lisa Mae DeMasi
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bike commuting

Commuting to work on my bike has brought my competitive spirit back—a quality I thought I left behind on the softball field my senior year in high school. My heart pounds in excitement as I gear up to ride, just like it did when I stepped up to the plate. The ride into Harvard Square …

Jane Ganahl: A Literary Earthquake

Kimberly Cunningham
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Jane Ganahl's passion for words equaled only by her passion for stray cats

Founder of San Francisco’s Litquake It is hard to imagine Jane Ganahl being described as frightening. She stands little over five feet with the kind of red hair photographs can never capture. Her lipstick is perfection; she floats through the oak double doors of the Town and Country Starbucks. But her intellectual breadth intimidates me; …